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Thin Ice - Minigame Recreation Thin Ice Game

This popular minigame has been recreated using Unity within less than 8 hours featuring all 19 levels of the original complete with sound effects!

You control a character through a maze of ice with the goal of melting as many ice squares as you possibly can within each stage. Collect coin bags along the way to earn additional points and solve the puzzles by pushing blocks to their correct positions.

Play today within your browser! Press START to begin

Programming Languages/Tools: C#, Unity
Published on 28 Dec 2019

DELTALIGHT: Survive the Night Cosmicraft Video

Survive the night in a multiplayer arena based PvP game based.

As seen at the fun Norwich Games Festival 2019 at the Forum Norwich! 🎮 Hundreds came and played this fun multiplayer arena game on Thursday 30th May 2019!

DELTALIGHT is a multiplayer arena based game where you battle each other in Player vs Player combat to survive. In DELTALIGHT the infection is spreading and rescue is only a night away. Find tools and items to fight off the infected or risk becoming one yourself. Will you live to fight another day? or will you succumb to the virus and help infect all that remain. Can you survive the night?

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C#, Unity
Published on 30 May 2019

Transphere - The Physics-based Puzzle Game Cosmicraft Video

Available now to download for phones and tablets on iOS, Android & Amazon devices!

You control a sphere which can switch between different materials to solve puzzles to complete various stages. Try to collect all the stars to unlock new levels and content. Build & share your own levels with the community. Download, play and rate other people's creations from all around the world!

Available to download on Phones and Tablets!

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C#, Unity
Published on 17 Jun 2017

Cosmicraft - The Spaceship Building Game Cosmicraft Video

As seen at the Norwich Gaming Festival 2016

Craft your very own spaceship from an array of connectable parts. Create any design from your imagination and then fly your ship through space in intense combat battles. Pilot your ship with acrobatic manoeuvres and shoot down the opposition with a variety of weaponry.

Sign up for a Cosmicraft account to access many of the games features. An account will enable you to play online with other players and to upload and share your ship designs to the online database.

(Note: This game is still in the Alpha phase of development, therefore gameplay and features could potentially change)


Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft

Download for Windows: http://cosmicraftgame.info/ (Registration Required)

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C#, Unity
Published on 10 Apr 2016

Mech Duel AR Card Game Coursework Video

Computer Games Laboratory Module. Grade: 87.20% (FIRST CLASS)

Mech Duel is an augmented-reality (AR) card game created as a project for the Computer Games Lab module. It utilises custom designed playing cards which can be placed under a webcam to detect the markers printed upon the cards. This is handled by the incorporation of the ARToolKit library (available here). Once detected the card is either activated or a 3D model of the Mech is rendered above the card, facing the opposing Mech. These are fully animated utlising many custom recorded motion captured movements allowing the Mech's to attack and move. The game also features the option to use anaglyph 3D gameplay and is touchscreen compatible, to create an immersive experience. Additionally the game can be played between two human players, or against an AI opponent. The objective is to strengthen your Mech in order to defeat your opponent’s Mech through use of attacks and playing upgrade cards in turn-based gameplay. RobotDuel RobotDuel

RobotDuel RobotDuel RobotDuel RobotDuel

Download the application: Mech Duel (Webcam Required)

Source Code Repository: https://github.com/Tambilin/Group-01---Comp-Games-Lab

By Thomas Linstead, Adam Aldridge and John Gilbey.

Programming Languages/Tools: C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, ARToolKit, 3DSMax, MotionBuilder.
Published on 25 Mar 2014

3D Forklift Simulator Coursework Video

Advanced Graphics Module. Grade: 79.70% (FIRST CLASS)

The aim of this concept was to design and implement an environment with a fork lift truck that can be operated by the user. The controls needed to be simple and easy to use and the driver must operate the truck so that it can pick up boxes and place them on a stack. If a box is not placed correctly on the stack it should fall off. The simulator required several viewpoints including behind the vehicle, in the drivers position and a top down view. These have been implemented as well as a fully rotatable camera and infinitely random generated boxes that can all interact with each other.


Download the application installer: 3D Forklift Simulator

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C++, OpenGL
Published on 30 Apr 2013

3D Car Simulator Coursework Video

Graphics II Module. Grade: 75.50% (FIRST CLASS)

The aim of this project was to create a 3D world and implement a concept for simulating driving around in a car. The project implements a infinite perlin generated world with collisions, basic physics and multiple views. Created from bottom up with only C++ and OpenGL.

CarSimulator CarSimulator CarSimulator CarSimulator CarSimulator

Download the concept application: 3D Car Simulator

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C++, OpenGL
Published on 14 Dec 2012

Sigma Racing Top Down 2D Game

Graphics I Module. Grade: 81.63% (FIRST CLASS)

The aim of this assignment was to design and implement an interactive 2D game involving the user character racing around a track. A racing genre game was developed with many race tracks and other AI racing cars. The final racing game called Sigma Racing implements these features as well as novel features such as random track generation and a number of racing game modes.

SigmaRacing SigmaRacing SigmaRacing

Download the game application: Sigma Racing Game

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: C++, OpenGL
Published on 04 Apr 2012

Quadapong Flash Game

Published on Kongregate.com

Simple and fun adaptation of the classic pong game made in Adobe Flash. Try to get as many points as you can before losing all 3 lives. You lose a life if the ball goes off of the screen. Keep the ball on the screen using the four paddles, intuitively controlled by the mouse. Also try the Multiplayer mode to test your skills against a friend.


Play now: Quadapong on Kongregate

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages/Tools: Adobe Flash, AS3
Published on 08 Feb 2010

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Degree of Masters of Computing with First Class Honours in Computer Graphics.
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