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WikiEnc Encyclopaedia Website

Software Engineering II Module. Grade: 78.35% (FIRST CLASS)

This project was to create a new web-application called WikiEnc, consisting of a website containing user-contributed encyclopaedia articles. The system allows users to view articles, which can be added to their basket and downloaded as an E-book. Each article contains a discussion section, where users can discuss the content of the article in question. Users are also able to rate articles, as well as rate the users who have contributed to it. Each article has a history section showing the changes which have been made to it. Users have a profile and are able to view a newsfeed of their favourite articles.

The system was developed as part of a team utilising software engineering methodologies and practices. We implemented the WikiEnc system according to the given specification and system requirements. We implemented the system using the Model-View-Controller architecture to separate the different areas of the system. JSP’s were used to create the view aspect of the system; servlets were used as controllers and did not output any html content. Entity beans together with ORM (Object Relational Mapping) were used to represent the data used in the model. Design patterns were used to solve problems that are commonly encountered in software development and to make the system more extensible and maintainable.


By Thomas Linstead, Matthew Baxter, John Clark and Jan Gulan.

Programming Languages: Java, HTML, JSP, EJB, SQL, Javascript