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SWC Designs is a website exhibiting the work of Thomas Linstead (Degree of Masters of Computing with First Class Honours in Computer Graphics)

Salesforce Development

Employement as a Salesforce Developer at Epos Now

I am currently employed at Epos Now based in Norwich. EPOS Now is the leader in cloud-based point of sale systems with over 10,000 hospitality and retail businesses relying upon us, and were ranked by the Sunday Times as the 13th fastest-growing tech business in the UK. My role is part of the Internal Team managing the Salesforce CRM system and developing new features on the platform.

While working at Epos Now for the past year I have developed many new features and some useful applications.

Additional Tabs - Show all system tabs including hidden and previously inaccessible tabs.
As a Salesforce Adminstrator you will find your organisation can quickly run out of usable Object Tabs. This app provides a way to view all hidden objects including ones which do not have a tab. This frees up tabs from the small overall limit by allowing less import objects to be accessed via this page instead.

Install the Managed Package: Additional Tabs

App https://eu5.salesforce.com/ (Contact: tomlinstead13@hotmail.co.uk)

Google Calendar Sync - Integration with Google Calendar to automatically add Salesforce Events to the users Google Calendar.
Keeping up to date with Events with multiple calendars can be tricky. This app syncs your Salesforce Events to the corresponding persons Google Calendar. Setup by connecting your organisations Google Admin account OAuth details and once complete any new inserted or updated events will automatically show on the calendar corresponding with the users email address.

Install the Managed Package: Google Calendar Sync

App https://eu6.salesforce.com/ (Contact: contact@swcdesigns.com)

Custom Page Headers - Show related account items in quick access tabs, shortening the overall size of the account page.

GeoMapper - Show contacts, leads and accounts in a customisable radius on a geographic map to easily find nearby businesses.

Lightning Page Components - Lightning style forms and page components which work seamlessly with Salesforce1 Mobile app for easy data entry.

Custom Buttons - Show page buttons visually in easy tabular sections on pages for quick access additionally working with the Salesforce1 Mobile app. Much better than the standard grey buttons.

I also have undertaken many Trailhead Modules to familiarise myself with newer aspects of the Salesforce CRM platform. All development work ad-hears to the Lighting Design System and strict standards. All work shown here is just a small portion of the development I have achieved while working at Epos Now.

Programming Languages: Visualforce, Apex, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Salesforce, SQL