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Mech Duel AR Card Game Coursework Video

Computer Games Laboratory Module. Grade: 87.20% (FIRST CLASS)

Mech Duel is an augmented-reality (AR) card game created as a project for the Computer Games Lab module. It utilises custom designed playing cards which can be placed under a webcam to detect the markers printed upon the cards. This is handled by the incorporation of the ARToolKit library (available here). Once detected the card is either activated or a 3D model of the Mech is rendered above the card, facing the opposing Mech. These are fully animated utlising many custom recorded motion captured movements allowing the Mech's to attack and move. The game also features the option to use anaglyph 3D gameplay and is touchscreen compatible, to create an immersive experience. Additionally the game can be played between two human players, or against an AI opponent. The objective is to strengthen your Mech in order to defeat your opponent’s Mech through use of attacks and playing upgrade cards in turn-based gameplay. RobotDuel RobotDuel

RobotDuel RobotDuel RobotDuel RobotDuel

Download the application: Mech Duel (Webcam Required)

Source Code Repository: https://github.com/Tambilin/Group-01---Comp-Games-Lab

By Thomas Linstead, Adam Aldridge and John Gilbey.

Programming Languages: C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, ARToolKit, 3DSMax, MotionBuilder.