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SWC Designs is a website exhibiting the work of Thomas Linstead (Degree of Masters of Computing with First Class Honours in Computer Graphics)

Cosmicraft - The Spaceship Building Game Cosmicraft Video

As seen at the Norwich Gaming Festival 2016

Craft your very own spaceship from an array of connectable parts. Create any design from your imagination and then fly your ship through space in intense combat battles. Pilot your ship with acrobatic manoeuvres and shoot down the opposition with a variety of weaponry.

Sign up for a Cosmicraft account to access many of the games features. An account will enable you to play online with other players and to upload and share your ship designs to the online database.

(Note: This game is still in the Alpha phase of development, therefore gameplay and features could potentially change)


Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft

Download for Windows: http://cosmicraftgame.info/ (Registration Required)

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages: C#, Unity