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SWC Designs is a website exhibiting the work of Thomas Linstead (Degree of Masters of Computing with First Class Honours in Computer Graphics)

2D CAD: Architecture

Advanced Programming Concepts and Techniques Module. Grade: 78.25% (FIRST CLASS)

The aim of this project was to create a bespoke piece of software for 2D computer aided design (CAD) specifically for architectural drawing. The objective was to produce a system that is extensible and well-designed which meets the client’s needs. A software product was produced as part of a team consisting of three individuals utilising agile development methods. The software was produced to meet the requirements of a client, extensively tested to ensure these requirements were met and documented thoroughly.

Features Include

  • -Drawing of lines, shapes, architectural elements and text.
  • -Import of image files.
  • -Export to pdf format.
  • -Easy to use drawing controls to draw to scale.

Logo CAD Application

Download the application here: 2D CAD: Architecture

Source Code Repository: https://bitbucket.org/Thomaslinstead/advprog/src

By Thomas Linstead, John Gilbey and Sam Westlake.

Programming Languages: C#, SharpGL, WPF